PET-CT Cardiac

Best PET CT Scan in ChandigarhCardiac PET-CT is an example of the most advanced technology for detecting heart disease early and accurately. It provides unparalleled images of blood flow to the heart, enabling the detection of blockages in the coronary arteries. The high-speed, multi-detector CT detects calcium in the coronary arteries and also can be used to peer inside the arteries. This shows the formation of plaque before a heart attack or stroke.

PET-CT scan equipment combines the best of chemical and structural imaging technologies. PET permits assessment of myocardial perfusion and metabolism with superior accuracy. The results help our physicians identify the extent of heart disease and know when to suggest revascularization to the patient. CT helps to further increase the accuracy of PET by allowing perfect alignment of the cardiac silhouette and chest cage.

PET-CT can detect over 95 percent of people who have significant blockages of coronary arteries