Best PET CT Scan in Chandigarh

PET-CT - Bone

PET-CT for Bones is Sodium Fluoride PET-CT study. This is a new, state-of-the-art technology, that is superior to conventional bone scans. It is designed specifically for detecting bone metastases. Advantages of Sodium Fluoride:

- Higher sensitivity and specificity than conventional bone scans.
- Superior image quality with higher spatial resolution.
- Detects both osteoblastic and osteolytic metastases.
- Higher accuracy in differentiating benign from malignant lesions.
- More easily tolerated by patients. Shorter waiting time (45 minutes vs. 3 hours). Shorter scanning times.
- With the addition of CT as part of the study most of the time, no further imaging is required (X-rays, MRI).