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Cancer is one of the commonest fatal ailments and better public awareness of the disease is the need of the hour. If cancer is diagnosed / detected at an early stage, the chances of a successful treatment are bright.

The state of the art HD (High Definition) PET-CT in the Department of Molecular Imaging in Superb MRI & SCAN Centre has the unique feature of having an exceptional resolution in the entire field of view making it possible to pick up even the smallest lesions.

PET-CT is not only for cancer detection, staging, treatment planning but has important applications in Heart, Brain & Infection imaging.

The Department of Molecular Imaging (PET-CT) at Superb MRI & SCAN Centre extends continued support to all the patients & their families, medical professionals, staff and our associate partners. I wholeheartedly commit to follow the ethical standards and provide quality Radiology & Molecular Imaging services.

It has always been my belief that corporate social responsibility should be an essential part of a business. We acknowledge our duty towards healthcare of senior citizens and the underprivileged.

Dr SPS Chawla

The first "Time of Flight" PET-CT Scan

in Chandigarh.

Meet Our Team Mates

Dr. Syed Junaid
(nuclear medicine physician)

Dr.Tejinder Kaur
consultant radiologist

Dr. Ramanpartap Singh
consultant radiologist

Ms. Ravneet Kaur
(Radiological Safety Officer (RSO))

Mr. Jaswinder Singh Mann
(PET-CT technician)

Rakesh Bharadwaj

Surinder Verma

BSc Radiodiagnosis

Sanjay Kumar Bsc

Amandeep Singh
Bsc(Radiology) Technologist